Take a look at Rihanna’s hair transformation

Ever since Rihanna rose to fame in 2005, with her debut single, “Pon de Replay”, it was evident that she would become a fashion and beauty icon. Over the years, the singer managed to reinvent herself plenty of times. In fact, it’s safe to say that RiRi really enjoys switching up her style. She often rocks different hairstyles and hair colors.

Today, we thought we would take a look at Rihanna’s hair transformation over the years, from rocking long hair and bangs at the beginning of her career to cutting it all off later on. You probably remember her super-short pixie cut. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy a trip down memory lane. These pics of Rihanna are bound to inspire you to switch your hair up!

1. Let’s Start Off With Rihanna’s Hair All The Way Back In 2005

To kick our list off, we decided to go with Rihanna’s hairstyle from all the way back in 2005. As true fans will remember, the “Pon de Replay” singer used to rock long brown hair and wispy bangs! At the time, the singer was 17 years old.

2. Here’s Rihanna Rocking A Curly Updo

Next on our list are these pics of Rihanna rocking a curly updo. Frankly, this is probably one of our favorite looks on the singer. We absolutely love seeing the star rock her naturally curly hair. We hope she brings the look back at some point because it is so flattering.

3. Let’s Not Forget That RiRi Is The Queen Of The Bob

An iconic hairstyle that the diva rocked multiple times throughout the years is the bob haircut. In the photos above, you can see the singer wearing her super-dark bob with blunt ends and without bangs. She definitely brought back the bob trend after she debuted this look.

4. Whether It’s An Asymmetrical One

Who could forget Rihanna’s haircut in the music video for “Umbrella”? In the photos above, you can see the singer rocking the asymmetrical bob. This haircut was something that plenty of fans worldwide copied at the time…but nobody could pull it off as well as the singer!

5. Or Fun And Curly

Another way that Rihanna rocks the bob haircut is by wearing it curly, whether it is cut super-straight (a blunt bob) or asymmetrical. Honestly, we can’t pick which type of bob we like on the singer the most. She looks incredible in every kind of bob haircut!

6. We Had To Include The Singer’s Iconic Red Hair

Who could forget Rihanna’s “Only Girl (In the World)” era, during which the singer rocked fun and vibrant red hair? It’s safe to say that bright red is definitely a color that suits the pop star very much – and RiRi certainly rocked it for a while!

7. And Her Super-Short Pixie Haircut

Rihanna is definitely one of those stars who managed to pull off a super-short pixie haircut – and she also served us plenty of different looks while he had her short cut. In the pics above, you can see her rocking some wispy and short bangs with her cute and sophisticated pixie!

7. RiRi Is Also No Stranger To The Undercut

It’s safe to say that the pop star has experimented quite a lot with her hair over the years, and she has gone for an undercut multiple times. In the pics above, you can see the diva with an undercut, while having blonde and red hair! Rihanna shows us how fun an undercut can be!

8. The Singer Can Definitely Pull Off Dreadlocks

Next on our list are these pics of the singer wearing dreadlocks and we have to say that if there is one celeb out there who can 100% pull off dreadlocks, it’s definitely RiRi! But let’s be real…the queen from Barbados pulls off everything!

9. And She Can Pull Off Copper Hair Effortlessly

Rihanna didn’t only rock super-vibrant red hair. She also decided to color it a more muted, darker copper shade for a while last year. In the pics above, you can see her wearing it down. She also liked to wear her copper locks in a super-high ponytail!

10. Lastly, Here’s RiRi With Her Current Super-Long Dark Hair

To wrap our list up, we decided to go with RiRi’s current hairstyle, which is super-long, dark hair. Frankly, we are pretty sure that the singer will switch it up soon, as it’s evident that Rihanna loves playing around with the color and length of her hair!

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