Miley Cyrus Officially Has a Mullet

If you thought Miley Cyrus’s late-November haircut looked a bit like a mullet, just wait until you see the style she debuted on Instagram on Monday, January 6. It’s not just mullet-esque — it’s a straight-up mullet, full stop. And it’s awesome.

After a month or so with a shoulder-length, layered shag, Cyrus shared three separate two-slide posts to Instagram with the caption, “New Hair. New Year. NEW MUSIC! 💀.” Each photo shows her wearing a plain, white T-shirt, high-waist jeans, black boots, a bunch of bracelets and rings, and angular sunglasses — but as the caption suggests, her new hairstyle is the most eye-catching part of the portraits.

Bright blonde with dark roots, Cyrus’s hair now just barely reaches her shoulders. In fact, it only does so in the back — a key element of a mullet. But the haircut is not exactly business up front; the modern take on the multi-length style includes strands that reach just past her ears on the sides and perfectly imperfect eyebrow-grazing bangs.

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New Hair. New Year . NEW MUSIC! 💀

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View this post on Instagram

New hair. New year. NEW MUSIC. 💀

A post shared by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

Fans and famous friends are loving the update. “Do it, girl,” Chelsea Handler wrote, while Drag Race star Willam commented, “Runaways vibes,” referring to Joan Jett’s late-1970s band. Tattoo artist Lauren Winzer wrote, “You know I LOVE this,” and legendary hairstylist Sally Hershberger posted, “🙌🏻🔥❤️.”

There’s no word on whether or not this shorter look was created by Hershberg, but there’s an equally strong chance it came courtesy of Cyrus’s mom, Tish, who wielded the scissors for November’s initial step in a more mullet-y direction. But either way, we can’t help but wonder if it was inspired by dad Billy Ray Cyrus’s epic early-’90s “Achy Breaky Heart” mullet.

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