Lena Dunham considers herself “body tolerant”

Lena Dunham is no stranger to sharing what’s happening in her world with her fans. For example, the actress has been open about her health struggles, including having endometriosis, which led to the removal of her uterus, as Page Six reports.

Speaking Her Truth

As the body positive movement grows stronger, one might guess that Dunham is right there in the thick of it. After all, she has nearly bared it all on screen, and her unbridled actions in terms of putting it all out there prove she’s bold and brave.

As for her body? She’s fine with it, but she wouldn’t say “positive,” at least not all the time. According to Page Six, Dunham considers herself “body tolerant.”

Positive Isn’t Always Possible

It’s Endometriosis Awareness Month, so Dunham took to social media to share a pic of herself in a rather revealing ensemble.

She captioned the photo with: “I’ve never called myself ‘body positive,’ because my relationship with my curves and scars isn’t overtly political — it’s wildly personal. With a chronic disease (or three), it’s impossible not to resent your body sometimes.”

Dunham also has been forthcoming about her diagnosis of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome as well as her past addiction issues.

Good for Dunham for being honest. Not every moment is amazing, but appreciating one’s self is an important effort.

Sharing Similar Sentiments

As we recently reported on The Things, another celebrity who has been public about her body image and self-perception, is singer Billie Eilish.

At a recent concert, Eilish got candid about her unwelcome experiences with body shaming and being objectified. Surely Dunham can relate.

Congratulations to both of these stars for their words and actions. It means so much to their fans and truly sets an inspiring example.

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