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Have you tried the viral Pillow Challenge?

Life in quarantine is exhausting. You’ve whipped your coffee within an inch of its life, started and abandoned sourdough, danced like a TikTok teen, turned bananas into bread, crossed into full animated-animal insanity, and tried to start drama with your household objects. There is almost nothing left to do. Enter: The Pillow Challenge. Your task, …


A five-minute makeup routine for your morning

A five-minute makeup routine? Yes! With a little bit of prep, and a streamlined routine, it’s totally doable. First, it’s important to do some essential prep. Start with your makeup bag—fumbling through an overstuffed one will slow you down. Slim it down to essential products (more on those later). “Lay out the products you want …


Hottest Trends from Celebrities you need to update for this season

Want to know what are the coolest trends this season? Look no further than your favourite celebrities for inspiration. From Rihanna and Selena Gomez to Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, these stylish stars sure know how to start and rock a trend. So, when it comes to injecting your own wardrobe with some on-trend elements, …


Lena Dunham considers herself “body tolerant”

Lena Dunham is no stranger to sharing what’s happening in her world with her fans. For example, the actress has been open about her health struggles, including having endometriosis, which led to the removal of her uterus, as Page Six reports. Speaking Her Truth As the body positive movement grows stronger, one might guess that Dunham is right …


5 Trends that shaped the 2010s fashion

When it comes to fashion trends that shaped the 2010s, dad jeans, sneakers and logo-laden everything strike multiple chords. Fashion in the 2010s was underscored by a range of subcultures that met the world stage, from normcore to Gen Z Internet culture (VSCO Girls, anyone?). On another, far more formal plane, the British royal family’s …


Acid-washed Jean is trending again on Katie Holmes’s outfit

According to Katie Holmes, Meghan Markle, and Jennifer Lopez, it’s a controversial-jeans world and we’re just living in it. Meghan Markle’s sold-out low-rise jeans are back in stock. Jennifer Lopez wore bedazzled baggy jeans after the Super Bowl. And this past weekend at the Ulla Johnson’s fall’20 show, Katie Holmes wore acid-wash jeans. Just yesterday, …


Dua Lipa’s outfit today: Dad sneakers and Jacket

If you thought that chunky, oversized dad sneakers were on their way out, Dua Lipa’s latest ensemble might make you reconsider that particular footwear trend — and think about going all the way and embracing dad-inflected everything.Lipa wore clunky white sneakers (pristine, we might add) from Prada during an appearance at BBC Radio One in London. …