8 fashion trends introduced by celebrities

Even in those days, when Hollywood movies did not even have sound, women looking at their colorless TV screens had already wanted to look like the actors in their favorite movies. Fashion trends began to grow even faster as the film industry grew, and although some of these trends disappeared as soon as they emerged, others have remained long and are known until now.

Take a look at the fashion trends that have been introduced by famous actors or singers over the last 30 years that have changed the style of women and are remembered to this day.

1. Sarah Jessica Parker – Manolo Blahnik Shoes.

The star of the famous “Sex and the City” serial, shook the understanding of women’s style at that time, and soon after the show appeared, her name became a synonym of a bold woman in big risks of the style. So far, the trendsetter introduced by Sarah Jessica Parker is the fashion trend – Manolo Blahnik shoes, English called just Manolos. The popular actress in those days showed that women’s legs must decorate beautiful and elegant shoes and that soon became the synonym of a sexy woman.

2. Bohemian style by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

The famous siblings, given to television a big part of their childhood and constantly wearing clothes offered by designers and stylists, as adults decided to turn on a bohemian road and added some loose-fitting clothes in their closet. Instead of hugging dresses or narrow trousers, they preferred to pick up sweatshirts of the bigger size, poncho, and huge handbags. Soon they were followed by the fans, and later even the fashion connoisseurs.

3. Rachel hairstyle by Jennifer Aniston

When the famous series “Friends” moved on the list of the most viewed TV programs, practically half of the world got to know Jennifer Aniston and her hairstyle also which at that time gained incredible popularity. The name Rachel’s hairstyle is still considered to be one of the most influential wave hairstyles in fashion. Just a couple of years ago, famous Jennifer Aniston acknowledged that she had never liked this her hairstyle, and she thought it was the worst hairstyle ever made to her.

4. Kate Moss – Leopard coat

Some of the celebrity fashion trends were invented not by their own but were lifted out of oblivion. That’s what the famous British model Kate Moss did – decided to revive the leopard pattern. But it is pretty popular even today, right?

5. Baggy and big jeans – Mark Wahlberg

Do you think this trend has definitely been introduced by hip-hop fashion? You are mistaken. Though they had already demonstrated this style before, the male big baggy jeans on the pedestal of popularity stepped only after an iconic Calvin Klein advertisement with famous actors Mark Wahlberg and Kate Moss.

6. Gloves with lace by Madonna

Already since the release of her first album, she has been able to enjoy the fashion trendsetter’s status as a prominent Madonna and brought many new things to fashion. And one of the biggest ones at that time was gloves with lace – in that year, virtually all young girls just had to have them.

7. Red hair by Rihanna

The bright red color of the hair may not be so noticeable, especially after Katy Perry’s hairstyle has even gotten in neon colors; however, Rihanna was the first to introduce this fashion of the hair of fire redness color.

8. Flannel Shirt trend by Curt Cobain

In the 1980s, the Grunge movement made a huge step backward, and in the fashion trends on the street has become very popular the simple flannel shirts that were especially liked by Kurt Cobain, and that is why he popularized this fashion trend among men.

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